Babaylanes and Voice Philippines Visit Mariveles Rainbow Alliance

Last March 6, 2022, Babaylanes Inc traveled to Mariveles Bataan to conduct one of the first capacity building and networking activities under the Building Rainbow Communities project.

Image description: 3 lines of text: Building rainbow communities. At its left is an illustration of a rainbow. At the top are the logos of Babaylanes and Voice Philippines.

Building Rainbow Communities is a three-year project with Voice Philippines. It was developed to strengthen working relations and address the disparity in the level of engagements between provincial organizations and those based in urban metropolitan areas. After the collaborative development of training modules by LGBTQI organizations across the country, Babaylanes implemented them with Mariveles Rainbow Alliance – an informal group of LGBTQI individuals based in Mariveles, Bataan seeking to strengthen their organizational foundations and better influence their local community.

Image description: Representatives from both Babaylanes and Voice Philippines pose for a picture with some members of the Mariveles Rainbow Alliance. There are 15 people in the picture.

Members of Mariveles Rainbow Alliance finally had their sensitivity training on the concepts of SOGIESC, well-being, and inclusion. They also had the chance to build rapport with Babaylanes and Voice which ultimately improves the working relationship further. In the next few months, MRA would also undergo similar trainings on other relevant LGBTQI concepts and issues.

Image description: Babaylanes, Voice Philippines and Mariveles Rainbow Alliance are gathered in a room for the SOGIESC workshop. A young man is holding a microphone and speaking.