What we do

Babaylanes, Inc. serves as an LGBTQI resource center which will enable movements. As an organization, we aim to start and continue different efforts and programs for (1) developing SOGIESC-focused research and LGBTQI-responsive policies, (2) providing expertise in LGBTQI issues and human rights education, and (3) organizing networks for advocacy and campaigns.

In the past, as the alumni organization of UP Babaylan, we are focused on recreating the Babaylan experience by guiding LGBTQI students in organizing support groups and advocacy organizations in their respective schools and universities.

We continue to support organizations we have guided in the past and offer our assistance to new LGBTQI youth and student groups that would want to establish a formal organization.

Additionally, we are currently working on:

Research and Policy Development

Babaylanes is working on the curation and production of online resource materials to support different movements. We also produce and disseminate studies with recommendations on local and national LGBTQI issues and concerns. Other than doing research, we also develop drafts of policies concerning organizational, local, and national LGBTQI issues for legislative actions.

Capacity Building

Other than sharing our knowledge on SOGIESC and LGBTQI rights through several speaking engagements, we have developed and we continue to craft modules and programs to deepen understanding on SOGIESC, inclusion, and Human Rights. As most of our members are products of student and community activism and advocacy work, we continue to guide LGBTQI groups and organizations in different educational institutions, government agencies, localities, media platforms, and other communities.

Networking and Advocacy

Babaylanes sustains our support to the larger LGBTQI rights advocacy by serving as the Secretary-General of Lagablab LGBT Network, convener of the National LGBTQI Students Network, and member of other networks. We also aim to participate in and improve the coalition-building to forge networking opportunities and collaborative relationships with LGBTQI organizations, human rights formations, government agencies, and other relevant institutions.