Babaylanes, Inc. is a non-profit organization mandated to capacitate Filipino LGBTQI youth, provide human rights education, and organize campaigns and advocacy events. It is the alumni organization of the trailblazing, pioneering student LGBTQI organization from the University of the Philippines, UP Babaylan.

Our Current

Forwarding LGBTQI Human Rights for Filipinos

Here are some of our onging projects focused on strengthening LGBTQI communities, advocating for human rights, and lobbying for the SOGIE Equality Bill.

Building Rainbow Communities

This program enhances the capabilities of rural LGBTQI organizations, facilitating their transition from informal entities to formally recognized bodies

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SARI Network

Since its inception, Babaylanes has helped in establishing LGBTQI student organizations all over the country.

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A project led by a consortium of other LGBTQI civil society organizations—all seeking to build momentum for national policy changes that promote an end to violence, discrimination, and abuse of LGBTQI persons. 

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Free To Be Me

A groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering a network of confident and diverse LGBTIQ+ organizations and advocates committed to championing their human and socio-economic rights.

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A one-stop online resource center that aims to consolidate community-based research and scholarly information on all things queer to make LGBTQI-related data accessible for every Juan.

Our new in-depth research exploring the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies, programs, and their impact on employee well-being and organizational development in the Philippines.

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We value open communication and collaboration. Whether you’re interested in partnering with us for an event, arranging a speaking engagement, or simply want to learn more about our initiatives related to LGBTQI inclusion, we’re here to listen.