About us

Babaylanes, Inc. is a non-profit organization mandated to capacitate Filipino LGBT youth, provide human rights education, and organize campaigns and advocacy events. It is the alumni organization of the trailblazing, pioneering student LGBTQI organization from the University of the Philippines, UP Babaylan.

Officially established in 2008, it envisions a society free from discrimination and homophobia where LGBT individuals can enjoy their rights and attain their fullest potentials in the spirit of equality, justice, and equity. 

Its mission is to work for the strengthening and consolidation of LGBT communities towards achieving the collectivization of efforts against discrimination and homophobia and advocate for LGBT rights and welfare.

Babaylanes is the convener of the National LGBT Students Network, providing a venue for LGBT students from various schools to discuss the LGBT situations specific to their schools and to be able to develop modalities of cooperation between and among LGBT students from various schools.

Babaylanes also serves as the secretary-general of Lagablab LGBT Network, a broad alliance of LGBTQI organizations in the Philippines, seeking to promote the rights of the LGBTQI Filipinos through policies and legislation.

Babaylanes, Inc. goal is to serve as an LGBTQI resource center by:

Developing SOGIESC-focused research and LGBTQI-responsive policies;

Providing expertise in LGBTQI issues and human rights education; and,

Organizing networks for advocacy and campaigns.

Our Partners

In our Partners section, we showcase the organizations that share our commitment to LGBTQI inclusion and our collaborative efforts in fostering diverse, supportive communities.