Babaylanes Attends F2BM Kick Off at Legazpi, Albay

To formally commence the Communities of Actions (CoA) Project for 2023, Gayon Inc. gathered the CoA Members of Free to Be Me for a kick-off event at Legazpi City, Albay last November 14-15, 2022.

As one of the three implementing partners of Free to Be Me, Gayon Inc. presided over the two-day inception meeting that aimed to level-off on the project’s work plans and goals.

Project Head of Gayon Inc. Rolando “Toots” Rivac emphasized that the overall goal of Free to Be Me’s Communities of Actions Project is “to improve existing organizational basic knowledge, processes, and systems to pursue strategic directions of LGBTIQ+ communities of action, and eventually to move to a more independent organization capable of sustaining its own socioeconomic activities and organizational programs, as well as to enhance their well-being as community members.”