Lagablab LGBT Network

Lagablab LGBT Network is a coalition of organizations in the Philippines lobbying for LGBTQI-responsive national and local policies. Currently, Lagablab is working on the passage of a national anti-discrimination legislation, particularly the SOGIE Equality Bill and the Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Bill. The network has been spearheading campaigns and mobilizations in pursuit of its mandate since its formation in 1998. It has been revived in 2015 with more member organizations and renewed commitment to the cause for human rights, equality, and nondiscrimination. The coalition has also been actively working with several national legislative offices for the past few years in revising and lobbying for the SOGIE Equality Bill. Some of its active members are Babaylanes, TLF SHARE, Galang Philippines, Rainbow Rights, Metro Manila Pride, UP Babaylan, PUP Kasarianlan, BulSU Bahaghari, Pioneer FTM, Ganda Filipinas, STRAP, Pinoy Deaf Rainbow, CURLS, Gayon Albay, TEAM Cebu, Mujer-LGBT, Wagayway Equality Coalition, among others.

Reach Lagablab thru: [email protected]