Meeting Glamourosa—the Rainbow Community in Catarman

Image description: 3 lines of text: Building rainbow communities. At its left is an illustration of a rainbow. At the top are the logos of Babaylanes and Voice Philippines. Under the three lines of text is a photo of 22 members from Glamourosa and at the bottom is a screenshot from Zoom containing 3 Babaylanes members.

Glamourosa is an informal organization based in Catarman, Northern Samar that started in 2010. They are composed of LGBTQI individuals who are dedicated to lobbying for equality. Glamourosa is one of the organizations being mentored by Babaylanes under the Building Rainbow Communities project in partnership with Voice Philippines.

Last 27 March 2022, Babaylanes conducted an online workshop on SOGIESC. This will be the first of a series of trainings to capacitate local organizations for them to be formally registered and be integrated into the greater Filipino LGBTQI network.


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