• Herstory is Here: Lesbian Pride Stories

    Herstory is Here: Lesbian Pride Stories

    Herstory takes place in the four corners of the UP College of Social Work and Community Development Seminar Room, as Babaylanes Inc., in celebration of its fifteen lustrous years, concludes the Lesbian Pride Stories. The event enabled the lesbian movement to take center stage once again as pioneers of the…

  • Happy Pride 2022!

    Happy Pride 2022! Let us continue the fight for equality #SOGIEEqualityNow

  • Transgender Day of Visibility

    Babaylanes, Inc. celebrates this year’s Transgender Day of Visibility! In continuing our fight for equality, we guarantee to include and empower our trans siblings in all of our projects and undertakings. Babaylanes vows to always fight to assert the existence and rights of every transgender individual until we reach the…